Air elementals are a type of elemental associated with the air and sky.

Air elemental
Air elemental
Classification Elemental
Faction/Affiliation Al'Akir
Character classes None
Racial capital Skywall
Racial leader(s) Al'Akir
Racial mount None
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Primary language(s) Kalimag, Auran
Organization(s) None
Alignment Chaotic Neutral


Air elementals are made out of air, storms and wind. They favor higher landscapes to build their lairs. They are the fastest and most agile elemental type and move silently. it always target enemies with dust clouds before engaging into melee combat. Not all air elementals serve elemental lord Al'Akir as some are with the air elementals of the Outland. They are immune to nature magic and attack faster than other elementals. The stronger version of air elementals in Azeroth are the Air nobles.