Fan rendering of an Azotha
Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Arathi, Independent
Character classes Warrior
Racial capital Stranglethorn Vale, Arathi Highlands
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Titan, Common
Organization(s) Tribes, Clans
Alignment True Neutral

Azotha were an ancient race the humans descended from.


The early history for azotha lacks a lot of information. They were somehow connected to the titans, evidence of this exists in azotha ruins within Stranglethorn Vale. It is also possible since the Arathi were descendents of the azotha, that this ancient race wandered the Arathi Highlands, as we know the name of it today as. Legend also has it that they were very wealthy people and possibly had lots of gold.

Before the Great Sundering occurred, the azotha were battling the jungle trolls. They called for warriors and spies to fight. They settled in places of what is known today as Stranglethorn Vale, possibly in the sub-region of the Savage Hills. Aron Kodosbreath searched for azotha ruins not long ago. The current fate of the azotha is unknown, they are either hiding from strangers or have died off.

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