Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Neutral, The Forsworn
Character classes Mage, Shaman, Archer, Ravager
Racial capital High Rock
Racial mount Horse
Homeworld Nirn
Alignment True Neutral, Chaotic Evil

Breton are a race of human and elven ancestry. They reside in the High Rock province of Tamriel.


Breton are capable of being mages due to high magicka resistance but have other distinctive features too. They are known to be very intelligent due to their abstract thinking, a possible reason why they adapt to magic. It is also suggested that they may hold Aldmer blood, account for their prowess of magic.


Unlike their neighboring populations of the redguard and dunmer, the breton have a very small population in Skyrim. Some do decide to live in a settlement minority or even choose the city life.

The ForswornEdit

In the Reach, the breton were involved in an uprising against the Markath nords. They took the city by force due to a belief that it belonged to the native population, but were driven out by Ulfric Stormcloak prior to his own conflict with the Empire. This group dubbed themselves as the Forsworn which are still very much active today. Eventually the Dragonborn can assist the Forsworn which then gives the Forsworn a change of attitude and they become friendly.


Breton often work professions in Skyrim, often taking on the role of a court wizard to a Jarl or traveling to Winterhold so they can become scholars at the College of Winterhold.

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