Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Gannondorf's army
Character classes Archer, Warrior
Racial capital Unnamed Ruins in Gerudo Desert
Racial leader(s) King Bulblin
Racial mount Bullbos
Homeworld Hyrule
Alignment Neutral Evil

Bulblin are a race of green goblin-like humanoids that wander the fields of Hyrule.

Basic InformationEdit

Bulblin are lead by King Bulblin who is a large, powerful bulblin. They are somewhat like cowards and always slavishly follow the twili, Zant or the gerudo, Ganondorf. Bulblin act similar to the bokoblin. They are always seen wielding a bow with fire arrows or seen holding heavy clubs. When famous swordsman and hero Link arrives at Hyrule Castle he battles King Bulblin and is victorious. The king hands over his key and states that he only wanted to be on the stronger side. Sometimes when bulblin are mounted on their bullbos, they may loose control and fall off. This hints that controlling a bullbos is a challenge.

After Ganondorf is defeated, King Bublin could be seen riding around Hyrule Field with his bulblin allies, likely at peace with the hylians at last.

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