Faction/Affiliation Cleyra, Burmecian
Character classes Warrior (presumed), Rogue (presumed)
Racial capital Unnamed Burmecian city
Racial leader(s) King of Burmecians
Homeworld Ivalice
Alignment Lawful Good

Burmecians are a race of rat or mice-like humanoids. They live on the world of Ivalice in the Final Fantasy series.



The Cleyran live in large trees situated in deserts, which was defended from a sandstorm that has been active and still moving for 1,000 years. The Cleyrans later split away from the burmecians when they enjoyed the "art of war". They have not had any encounters or contacts with the burmecians for over a 100 years.

Attack on Burmecian & CleyraEdit

An attack occurred eventually on both races the cleyrans and burmecians. The outcome of this attack ended the majority of the cleyran race. The first attack was from Black mages. sent by Queen Brahne, the Burmecian King then fled to the Cleyrans' home with some survivors, the others headed to safe haven of Lindblum or stayed within the city's ruins. Eventually, Queen Brahne launched an attack on the peaceful Cleyra people to collect a powerful relic. The evil queen then sent an entity to destroy the tree that the Cleyra city rested on. A few Moogles were here too. After the fall of the Cleyran city it was presumed the Burmecian King died.