Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Shaman, Berserker, Warlock, Enchanter
Racial capital Various
Racial leader(s) Various leaders
Racial mount Self-mount
Homeworld Tyria
Primary language(s) Unknown
Organization(s) Tribe, Pride
Alignment Neutral Evil

Centaurs are a race of half-man, half-horse humanoids. They live on Tyria.

Basic InformationEdit

The Centaurs of Tyria live in tribes and prides. The Shiverpeaks, Maguuma Jungle and the Crystal Desert are common locations for this type of centaur. They run across the plains, savannahs and deserts of Tyria. They have extended families that play the role of prowling and hunting around pride breeding grounds and fight to defend their territory, most likely to ensure it's people's safety.