Chaos dwarf
Chaos dwarf
Faction/Affiliation Independent, Hashut
Character classes Sorcerer, Slavemaster, Warrior (presumed)
Racial capital Unnamed city in Chaos dwarf empire
Racial leader(s) Hashut (presumed)
Racial mount Unknown, Bull (presumed)
Homeworld Warhammer World
Primary language(s) Dwarven
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Chaos dwarves are an chaotic subrace of dwarves that live on Warhammer.


Basic InformationEdit

Long ago the chaos dwarves quit worshiping their God and decided to worship a chaotic God. They live in the Warhammer World in the Dark Lands. The Zharr Naggrund Tower is at the center of chaos dwarf civilization, it is at the peak of the chaos dwarves enterprise. Even though their are many shops, foundries and workshops throughout the chaos dwarf empire, Zharrduk Plain, one city exists in the empire's reaches.

Basic HistoryEdit

Thousands of years ago, a group of dwarves moved from their ancestral homeland somewhere in the Southlands. They moved along the World's Edge Mountain ridge. Their only source of knowing where they were was the many minerals and glimmering gems. They arrived at the vast cold region named the Great Skull Lands with the air very thin and almost not breathable. They then moved south toward the Mountains of Mourn. Then came the awful Time of Chaos, the dwarves who lived west believed that those who had traveled east had been destroyed by the tides of Chaos that swelled in from the north, but this was not true. The chaos dwarves then found their chaos god Hashut chained to the mountain. In exchange for their obedience, he protected them during the horrors of the age.


Chaos dwarves, similar to their western counterparts are extremely resilient to magic. Because of this the chaos dwarves have not been tainted by Chaos to the extent that many humans have been. Over a specific time period these dwarves have grown features similar to their chaos god, Hashut. They then started receiving bull-like features, hooves and horns. These mutations are very rare that mostly appear on chaos dwarf sorcerers with direct connections to magic.


The Chaos Dwarves hate their brethren for abandoning them to the wave of chaos, while The dwarves, in turn, have completely disowned their evil kin, even going so far as to rewrite their family histories to make it seem as if they never existed. Chaos Dwarfs are unlike other dwarfs in many ways, being enthusiastic slavers (putting Orc and Goblin as well as Humans to forced work under hobgoblin overseers). Many of them are potent sorcerers, using conventional magic rather than the purely runic magic of other dwarves.

Religoius FiguresEdit

Chaos dwarves worship Hashut, often known as the god or father of darkness.