Cinderweb brood
Cinderweb brood
Classification Elemental Humanoid (assumed)
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Firelands
Racial leader(s) Beth'tilac
Homeworld Elemental Plane
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Cinderweb brood are a race of fire spiders that resemble nerubians. Small spiders exist in the ranks too, but are less important. A humanoid-like spider leads them called Beth'tilac


The Cinderweb brood feasts upon the dead bodies of fire or magma elementals. They use web networks to catch their prey and later eat them. The cinderweb brood is not only vicious and predatory, their numbers are almost endless. Beth'tilac has caretakers for the brood, they are also small spiders.

Though they dwell in Raganros's plane, the Firelands, they do not serve him and are instead threatening to the druids from Mount Hyjal.


Like most spider creatures, the cinderweb brood these ones bite and instead spit fiery venom. They also take peopel captive in silk cocoons made with a burning web.

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