A Cobble
Faction/Affiliation Cobble Sages, Cobble Kingdom
Character classes Warrior
Racial capital Isle of Ruins, Cobble Kingdom (formerly)
Racial leader(s) King Mutoh
Racial mount None
Homeworld World of the Ocean King
Primary language(s) Cobble (presumed)
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Cobble are a race of desert-dwelling humans from the World of the Ocean King. They once had a large civilization under the waves.

Basic InformationEdit

The Cobble Kingdom was once the sacred homeland to the Cobble race until it mysteriously sunk. It is known that the cobble have the gifted with powers of premonitions and are excellent architects. Cobble powers strengthen after dying.


The cobble race ruled a large amount of the ocean in the World of the Ocean King, until it mysteriously sunk. Exquisite pyramids and tombs were scattered amongst the Cobble Kingdom. Cobble also invented the large engineering construct known as Eox. The civilization of the cobble likely were great swordsmiths due to the kingdom's possession of thhe third pure metal, Aquanine. A knight named Zauz also explains how the cobble crafted weapons to ward off evil for the Ocean King.

The Cobble Kingdom worshiped their own sages too. This can be supported by the nine graves seen on the Isle of Dead which indirectly states the cobble worshiped nine sages.


  • The Cobble Kingdom and it's people are likely inspired by Ancient Egypt due to their architecture and social normality.