Dragaroos are hybrid creatures, composed mainly of kangaroos and the legendary dragons; other creatures can be mixed in to create even more of a hybrid creature.

Cosmology Edit

It is unknown where exactly dragaroos come from. Unlike their ethereal Dutch Angel Dragon cousins, dragaroos are purely earthly beings. Because of a multitude of different animal DNA, dragaroos can have a rather goofy appearance.

Traits Edit

All dragaroo have:

  • Keen ears
  • dragon and kangaroo DNA and heritage
  • Strong leg muscles
  • Big feet for hopping and fighting
  • A long tail often decorated with long fur and stripes

Not all dragaroo have the following traits, but the following are common:

  • Horns
  • Long fluffy manes
  • Leathery wings
  • Sharp fangs
  • DNA/traits of other animals

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