Faction/Affiliation Jahara Tribe
Character classes Warrior, Great-chief, Shaman (presumed)
Racial leader(s) Supinellu, Uball-ka
Homeworld Ivalice
Organization(s) Tribes
Alignment Neutral Good

Garif are a race of eagle-like humanoids that live in tribes.


The Garif live all in and around the Bancour Region of Ivalice. Their currently is only one known tribe living in the village of Jahara. They are a peaceful-loving race, yet still hunt and fight for their tribe. They have thick fur and muscular bodies. Most Garif tribes are lead by Great-chiefs. They have no interest for money unlike the goblins. But live with nature. Unlike humans they choose not to use machinery. Whatever tribe their in they have specific masks. It is known their houses are made of grass and leather. A common role they do is play board games.

Garif and the OccuriaEdit

A long time ago the Occuria tried to influence the garif and gave them a magical mineral known as nethicite. The garif could not control these magical items. The occuria were disappointed by the garif and gave the the stone to the humans.