Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent, Horde
Character classes N/A
Racial leader(s) Ruk-ruk
Racial mount Goat
Homeworld Azeroth
Alignment True Neutral

Hozen are a race of monkey-like humanoids that live on Pandaria. Eventually the Horde recruit them for the Alliance-Horde War.


Hozen are known as pranksters throughout the continent of Pandaria. They are described as immature and act under age. Hozen are dexterous hunters and foragers that live in clans in the treetops and mountainous areas of Pandaria. Their elders do not have long lives and die in their twenties and their society lacks a leader. Uncouth and impulsive, hozen nonetheless play, live and squabble together, at least until their clans grow so large that they collapse into numerous smaller groups.

Other races native to Pandaria try their hardest to avoid hozen hunting gorunds as they are well-known for being quick-tempered humanoids. They mus hunt in order to feed children and elders, if they do not eat, they will die much quicker than usual.

Eventually the Horde recruit them into their ranks and give them machine guns to fight with.

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