Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Hyrule Royal Family
Character classes Various
Racial capital Hyrule Castle Town (Hyrule)
Clock Town (Termina)
Horon Village (Holodrum)
Lynna City (Labrynna)
Isle of Ruins (World of the Ocean King, formerly)
Skyloft (The Sky)
Racial leader(s) King of Hyrule (Hyrule)
Princess Zelda (Hyrule)
Mayor Dotour (Termina)
Mayor Ruul (Holodrum)
Queen Ambi (Labyrnna, formerly)
Mayor Plen (Labyrnna)
King Mutoh (World of the Ocean King, formerly)
Racial mount Horse
Homeworld Hyrule
The World of the Ocean King
The Sky
Alignment Lawful Good, True Neutral, Neutral Evil

Hylians or Terminans (in Termina) are a race of pointy-eared humanoids describes as having a magical aptitude.

Basic InformationEdit

Hylians are the main populated race in Hyrule and it's surrounding countries. They originated from the country in the sky named Skyloft. Hylians were descended from the people living among the Goddess Hylia, from an age before the Hyrulian kingdom was established. They inherited their ancestors' magical powers, blood and abilities. The pointed ears on a Hylian allows them to hear messages from the gods and telepathic communication between other Hylians.

The most famous Hylians are the various Links and Zeldas, each a different person from another timeline. They were the very first race to organize the civilization in ancient Hyrule, this happened years after the Skyward Sword timeline. The oocca are said to have helped them during that time period.

Hylians are not only from Hyrule, but from the mirror world of Hyrule named Termina. The Terminans focus more on technology and were created by the Four Giants. Other information is that Hylians like to wear their racial symbol on clothing. The leadership for Hylians is very powerful as they have full dominion all over the land of Hyrule.


Hylian military is like any other basic military. Soldiers are in charge with protecting Hyrule Castle, the nearby towns and sometimes even the vast field. Typical armor worn by them appears to be chain. Soldiers often wield sharp spears and shields on duty.

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