Classification Small Demon
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion, Warlock adventurers
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Various
Homeworld Twisting Nether
Primary language(s) Eredun, Common, Orcish
Alignment True Neutral, Chaotic Evil

Imps are little, nefarious demons affiliated with their warlock leader and the Burning Legion.

Basic InformationEdit

Imps are mischievous creatures and are fiendish. They are granted the ability to join the Burning Legion as familiars. Imps have tiny body frames but can store huge amounts of fel energy. Some imps even have a sense of humor and every imp has a fear of rainbows. In the Outland much more stronger and powerful imps exist called fel imps.

Many people believe that the imps evolved from the grell due to their almost exact body structure and appearance. It is possible that some grell evolved into demons after the War of the Ancients. This is similar to the satyr and elf evolution.

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