Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation The Empire, Independent
Character classes Warrior, Barbarian, Battlemage, Thief
Racial capital Imperial City, Cyrodiil
Racial mount Horse
Homeworld Nirn
Alignment Neutral Good (presumed)

Imperial are a race of humans who are well-spoken and have a good education. They are natives to the province of Cyrodiil on Tamriel.


Imperials are well known for their discipline and training their citizen armies. Due to these qualities, they defeated the redguard and gaiend control of the majority of Tamriel. They have proven themselves to have shrewd diplomats, their remarkable infantry skill, trading and because of these traits, they have subdued most of Tamriel's nations. They also constructed a monument dedicated to peace and prosperity that is within the glorious Empire.

In Tamriel, the imperial control many ports throughout the lands. They also have been trying to claim Skyrim for the Empire, believing it is part of the Empire's expanse.

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