Keeper of the grove
Keeper of the grove
Classification Fey Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Alliance, Cenarion Cricle
Character classes Druid, Healer, Druid of the wild
Racial capital Moonglade
Racial leader(s) Cenarius
Racial mount Self-mount
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Darnassian, Common
Organization(s) Solitary, Pair
Alignment Chaotic Good

Keeper of the grove are one of Cenarius' offspring races. They are realted to the dryad and have the appearance of half-night elf, half-stag.


Keepers of the grove have hold many strange powers over nature and can be counted as the best healers in Azeroth. Though they typically remain in the sacred forest of Ashenvale they always take up arms when other Kalimdor regions are threatened.


As with most of Cenarius' children, the keepers of the grove descended from him. However, their is some argument on whether this is accurate or not. Keeper Celebras mentions the sons of Cenarius by the names of Remulos and Zaetar, some interpret that Cenarius had no other sons. This suggests that it could refer to the two most important sons. Another difficulty is Celebras' speech about Remulos and how him and his sisters are children of Remulos, with no direct mention of other sons. It can be implied in two books that Cenarius fathered more sons and daughters then just Zaetar and Remulos. Another known figure was the bastard son of Cenarius, simply referred to as "the centaur" and a sister simply known as "the dryad". It is also quite possible that the night elves are also children to Cenarius. Night elves, dryad and keepers are known best as Cenarius' favored children.

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