Classification Natural Humanoid
Character classes Warrior, Archer, Thief, Mage, Assassin
Racial capital Elsweyr
Racial mount Horse
Homeworld Nirn
Alignment True Neutral, Neutral Good

Khajit are a race of feline humanoids hailing from Elsweyr, a province in Tamriel.

Basic InformationEdit

Khajit are described as having sly accents and suffer from racism, much like the argonians. Khajit are known for having amazing agility and stealth. They commonly don't wield weapons and prefer to use their claws. Khajit are also known for being excellent thieves and assassins due to their agility and extreme acrobatic skills. To add on to their stealth expertise, the khajit have perfect night vision, this leads to more menacing khajits throughout Tamriel.

To add on to the racism problem, adventurers of the khajit race are often insulted by bandits about their feline appearance.


Influences from the MoonEdit

Khajits' physiology is based on a lunar calendar of Secunda and Masser. The manfiestation only shows some of the possible forms they are given at birth. This ranges from a feral beast to a house cat.

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