Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Warrior, Shaman
Racial capital Chult
Homeworld Abeir-Toril
Primary language(s) Draconic
Alignment Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil

Lizardfolk are a race of primitive reptilian humanoids that inhabit the marshes and swamps of Abeir-Toril.



Lizardfolk society is mainly patriarchal, with the fittest and strongest members usually being the leaders. Shaman are counselors and do not usually lead any tribes. Wherever the lizardfolk settle, survival is the main importance. Lizardfolk worship Semuanya, who's main focus is on the survival and mating of the species. It is possible the lizardfolk worship Bane now who is the deity of anger, hatred, tyranny and fear.

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