Classification Magical Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Themselves, Hyrule
Character classes None
Racial capital Hyrule Heavens
Racial leader(s) Anjean
Racial mount Self-mount
Homeworld Hyrule
Primary language(s) Hylian
Alignment Lawful Good

Lokomo are a mysterious race who inhabit New Hyrule.



They lokomo have long years, much like the Hylians. Lokomos have locomotive lower body. They have very small legs, this could be possible due to their common locomotive bottom. However, Byrne, the shadow lokomo walks and is as tall as a Hylian.

Lokomo receive their power from the Spirits of Good. Anjean's abilities seem to be very powerful, as she can teleport Zelda and Link through the Tower of Spirits. The combat style the lokomos have is mostly unknown, Byrne, however is very fierce in battle. Anjean can fight Byrne well though at one point. Lokomos represent various elements. After their task is completed, they depart for heaven.

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