Classification Large Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Warrior
Racial capital Shaar
Homeworld Unknown world near Abeir-Toril
Primary language(s) Loxo
Organization(s) Clans
Alignment True Neutral

Loxos are a large race of elephant humanoids that arrived on Abeir-Toril from another nearby planet.

Basic InformationEdit

Loxos are commonly seen roaming the Shaar in hunter-gatherer parties. They are at peace with nature and prefer to be left alone which makes them have small contact with other races. The loxos deity they worship is Hiatea, the giant deity of nature, agriculture, hunting, children and women.

Loxos arrived on the continent of Faerun in the 12th Century DR, presumably arriving from another nearby world.


Loxos common method of attack is the use of the trunk. They also use more common weapons also. Loxos have the ability to trample enemies of smaller size and go berserk if a clan member is seriously injured or wounded.

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