Classification Medium Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Mak'aru, Independent
Character classes Barbarian, Tidecaller, Shaman
Racial capital Mak'aru
Racial mount N/A
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Nerglish
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Makrura also knows as Lobstrok are a race of lobster/crayfish humanoids from the city of Mak'aru.


Makrura are an aquatic species, they have unintelligibly been called "lobster man" by observers. They have two stronger pincers to attack with. A makrura can live on land or in water, but they prefer tropical seas the most. It is revealed they are very territorial as they attack murloc and naga on site. They are very unintelligent.


Makrura society is is monarchy. Due to being underwater, most makrura are primitive and are not familiar with advanced magic, craftsmanship and technology. They only use tools to build their dwellings and shellfish traps or to break apart giant clams (their favorite food). A makrura carapace ranges in many different colors, from red, blue and black. The makrura race has no experience with any magic, metalworking or arcane. The females carry many eggs on their torso.


Though they do not get along with all the races, murlocs for example treat them as a great snack. The naga have many makrura recipes and even raise some in farms. They sometimes prefer land due to the small amount of enemies underseas. If they can speak a common language they can make their own way, but in the wild may be mistaked for a seafood meal. Some makrura learn other races' languages in order for trade and negotiations.

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