Mamool Ja
Mamool Ja
Classification Beastman
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes Executioner, Pikeman, Mage
Racial capital Mamool Ja Savagelands
Racial leader(s) Gulool Ja Ja
Racial mount Wivre
Homeworld Vana'diel
Primary language(s) Unknown native tongue
Alignment Neutral Evil (presumed)

Mamool Ja are a race of Beastmen from Vana'diel.


The Mamool Ja hold the land known as the Mamool Ja Savagelands. They are a large threat in the Empire of Aht Urghan. Mamool Ja have been contributing to the Aht Uhrghna Empire for many ages, they are known for their republican government form. Four overlords control and lead the Mamool Ja's land. Their recent uprising against the empire is connected to the e,ergence of a leader named Thej Autarch, Gulool Ja Ja. At Ja Ja's command they conquered the city of Al Zahbi.

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