Classification Demon
Faction/Affiliation Burning Legion, Independent
Character classes Scientist, Engineer, Fel guard, Centurion, Tinker
Racial capital Legion Stronghold (presumed)
Racial leader(s) Sargeras
Racial mount None
Homeworld Unknown
Primary language(s) Eredun
Alignment Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral

Mo'arg are a race of demons with a very high intellectual level. They are commonly within the Burning Legion ranks.


Mo'arg are tall and broad which makes them great hand-to-hand combatants. They are one of the smartest demonic races to exist and are commonly seen tinkering, being scientists, blacksmithing and some are engineers. Mo'arg have improved their bodies by placing bionic parts on themselves. Some of their advanced enhancement have been so impressive, that people confuse them for the abominations serving the Scourge. The only difference is their extreme intelligence and that they are still living.

Not all mo'arg are evil, some serve their own agenda and are not hostile to adventurers or travelers.

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