Molten giants are a type of giant living on warm mountians and underground.

Molten giant
Molten lord
Classification Giant
Faction/Affiliation Ragnaros's Minions
Character classes Warrior (presumed)
Racial capital Molten Core
Racial leader(s) King Moltron
Racial mount None
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Kalimag
Organization(s) None
Alignment Chaotic Evil


Molten giants are a type of Mountain giant that live in the Molten Core. Their entire body is made of possibly igneous rocks. They are brutal and cunning under Ragnaros's army. They do not have the option to leave Ragnaros but are a proud race and believe otherwise. They serve flamewakers and Ragnaros. When attacking their enemies they constantly bash and slam the enemy until he cannot move. Some even use the tauren's war stomp ability. They wield stone clubs which usually are have of the heat. A Fel giant however, lives in Shadowmoon Valley which is a region in the Outland.