Mur'lurk are a newly discovered race dwelling in Azjol-Nerub.

Faction/Affiliation Unknown
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Azjol-Nerub
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Nerglish
Organization(s) Tribe
Alignment Neutral Evil (presumed)

Basic InformationEdit

Mur'lurks are distantly related to the murlocs. They dwell in underground lakes, swamps and other subterranean sources of water. They are blind, and they lost vision long ago in Azeroth's deep darkness. They have rough, rubbery skin and require less water than their relatives, the murlocs. They lay eggs like murlocs as well, but leave them in underwater nests. Mur'lurks glue their children to their backs so they are with them where ever they travel to. They are far more savage and less intellgent then their races' relative. They speak barely-intelligable Nerglish and seem to worship the same way the murlocs worship the powerful aquatic creatures. They have been drawn closer to the surface due to the strange Undying tendrils.