Nu Mou
Nu Mou
Classification Small Humanoid
Racial capital Mount Bur-Omisace
Homeworld Ivalice
Alignment Lawful Good

Nu Mou are a race of dog-like humanoids that live on Ivalice.


The Nu Mou are people with traditions and legends, known for passing down many stories. The most notable story is the Esper story. Nu Mou are commonly found living on the sacred mountain of Bur-Omisace, they are included in the Kiltia sect. Nu Mou take care of pilgrims and people injured or wounded at war. The leftover Nu Mou are scattered throughout Ivalice. On another note, the Nu Mou have small bodies making physical abilities challenging, instead the Nu Mou excel at magic. However, what magic cannot do, Nu Mou can call monsters for assistance.

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