Omnics (Overwatch)
Classification Mechanical
Alignment Varies

 Omnics are intelligent robots produced by omniums.

They eventually became self-aware and thus gained free will, and many believed they had also gained souls as a result, leading to the creation of an omnic religious order Shambali, which bears many similarities to Buddhism. Advanced AI programs known as god programs, such as Anubis, can forcibly take control of otherwise independent omnics and bend them to their will.

Even a generation after the conflict, tensions between humans and omnics remain, though other types of robots remain common. Human-omnic relations are a hot topic in the world, with questions existing as to whether omnics actually possess rights, and what would happen if they received the right to vote. Tensions between humans and omnics have never been higher, particularly after the assassination of the omnic spiritual leader Tekhartha Mondatta. The state of affairs is mixed—in Russia, omnics continue to wage war against humans and riots have flared up in King's Row, while omnics live peacefully with humans in Numbani.

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