Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Sorcerer, Shaman, Knight
Racial capital Astra Sea and Prime Material Plane
Homeworld Toril (presumed)
Alignment Lawful Evil

Rakshasad are a race of tiger-like fiends from the Prime Material Plane or the Astral Sea.


Rakshasas are wicked and cruel people. They enjoy pretending to be noble, living a life of luxury and ease while many servants and slave are under their rule.


Rakshasas are solitary people, although they sometimes talk to others of the same race. They are ambitious people and are great sorcerous shapeshifters and typically hold leadership in whichever undertaking they are involved in. Knights of rakshasa rank focus on hunting down paladins on their king's behalf. Rakshasa lords serve Ravanna, the king's high priests.


Religion is not very important in rakshasa society. Instead of worshiping a major god or deity, they worship Ravanna, their king. He is a ten-headed lesser god who can only be hurt by non-deific creatures from the Material Plane.

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