Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Warrior, Hunter, Scout, Thief, Druid, Ranger
Homeworld Toril
Primary language(s) Common
Alignment True Neutral (presumed)

Shifter otherwise referred to as weretouched are a race of humanoids dexcnded from humans and lycanthropes. They are have a wild spirit, fierce and are feared by many other races as shapeshifters.



Shifters are often free-spirited and self-reliant. However, shifters are restrained in their actions by a fear that they might become lost in the savagery that dwells in their blood. The fear of losing control and transforming causes most shifters to stay reclusive or confrontational. Some of them overcome their fears and becoem good friends with the people that fight along their side. However, this feral predator nature can be to the shifter’s advantage, and they make excellent rangers or druids.


Wherever a shifter goes, the people are terrified of them much like their lycanthropy ancestors. This is due to a common misconception that all lycanthropes are invariably and will always stay evil, including shifters. Though incorrect, shifters use this conception to shape their lives. They barely ever reach a high, civilized status in society. Instead, the shifters choose nomadic lifestyles or live close to edges of society, supporting that society as fishermen, hunters, trackers, scouts or guides. Others take up the call of an adventurer’s life while yet others give in to the expectations of society, letting their primal bloodlust fuel them in a life of crime.


Shifters worship the gods of nature such as Silvanus, otherwise known as the moon and Selûne as well as spirits that are primal.

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