Torgal Artwork

Sovani are a long living race of four-armed cat-like beings that are quite rare among all inhabitants of the world. They are usually very contained and tend to live a secluded life, not often taking interest in other races' business. Perhaps it is due to the fact that their lifespan exceeds those of other races.

Being excellent fighters does not limit them to using weapons, they also know how to use magic to add to their fighting potential. In their lifetime they have plenty of time to learn all sorts of ways to fight.


They have a cat-like appearance which is usually easily noticed via the ears on their heads. They are usually taler than humans but despite of the cat-like nature they always walk straight with a proud pose presenting high self-confidence. As said earlier they have four arms which they can use independently carrying four swords at a time or two staves. When not using the two lower hands they usually cross them on their abdomens.

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