Faction/Affiliation Kyne/Nirn
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Various Tamriel forests and underground regions
Racial leader(s) Spriggan Earth Mother
Racial mount Self-flight
Homeworld Nirn
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Spriggans are a feminine, sentient race found in Tamriel and present as aggressive guardians of nature. They are often misrepresented as "female ents," although they are more similar to nymphs.

There is a variatian called Burnt Spriggans who inhabit southern Solstheim. It is unknown why but can be estimated that the fire and ash in the area cause them to take the appearance of burning trees.

Basic InformationEdit

The Spriggans are most commonly found in Tamriel's dense forests and subterranean regions. They are capable of summoning wild animals like foxes, bucks, and bears to assist them in combat and can heal themselves completely when injured. In Skyrim, the spriggans are made with wood and magic energy. The source of their appearance is caused by taproot, an alchemical ingredient. It is known that they have a sinister giggle.

The spriggans also interact with other wild animals and can create a mind link between the two, which strengthens both. This drastically changes the animal's appearance as it will look earthy and green. As the animal is killed or the bond wears off, this effect will fade. Spriggans can also control adventurers' animal companions.

Spriggans have a weakness to fire damage and spells.

Abilities Edit

Spriggans can leave a poisonous effect with their claws. They have a ranged ability that forms as a cloud of bees that will poison you.

Spriggans will not chase the PC far from their area, but their fiery relatives are far more aggressive and persistent and will pursue for long distances.

Burnt spriggans have a tendency to explode violently after death, which can kill the PC or can injure them greatly.


Burnt spriggan

A Burnt Spriggan

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