Steppe trolls are a species of trolls living in steppes of Azeroth. None have been seen for quite a very long time.

Steppe troll
Placeholder item
Classification Troll
Faction/Affiliation Unknown
Character classes Warrior, Barbarian,erserker, Axe Thrower
Racial capital Unknown
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount Unknown
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Zandali, Low Common (presumed)
Organization(s) tribe
Alignment Neutral Evil (presumed)


Steppe trolls are a mysterious race living in Azeroth's steppes and wastes. The known information about them is, that they are good warriors and barbarians. They are brutal axe throwers and berserkers. It is possible that many troll ruins could exist throughout the explored sides of Azeroth.


  • The steppe trolls exact look remain unknown, it is possible they inhabit the "other side" of Azeroth.

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