Subrosians are a race of humanoids native the subterranean lava world of Subrosia.

Classification Natural Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Character classes N/A
Racial capital Subrosian Village
Racial leader(s) Unknown
Racial mount None
Homeworld Legend of Zelda Planet
Primary language(s) Unknown
Organization(s) Unknown
Alignment True Neutral

Basic InformationEdit

The majority of the subrosian race live in Subrosian Village. They tend to keep their lives very secretive, wearing robes that cover the whole body including the face. It is rumored they hail from the land of Holodrum since foreigners can only enter the Subrosia land through unique portals. Due to their habitat they enjoy activites involving heat. This is proven from the dancing at their Dance Hall or taking a lava bath. Unlike other lands the currency for the subroisans are oe chunks instead of rupees. The ore chunks are their currency to the the vital and their continuation of their culture. Some theorist speculate the garo may be somehow connected to the subrosians, it is also possible they are related to the salona since both races are hooded and have glowing eyes.

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