Classification Medium Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent (Neutral)
Character classes Soldier, Expert, Lone wolf runemaster, Warrior, Fighter, Scout, Shaman, Hunter, Barbarian, Druid, Healer, Sorcerer, Spearman, Trapper
Racial capital Kaskala
Racial leader(s) Tusklord Hrak'kar
Racial mount Sea turtle
Homeworld Azeroth
Primary language(s) Common, Low Common
Organization(s) Party, Tribe
Alignment Neutral Good

Tuskarr are walrus humanoids from Northrend in Azeroth. Tuskarr make their homes on the southern shores. They are friendly to both the Horde and Alliance.

Culture & SocietyEdit

Tuskarr are great fishermen and whalers. Their economy is based on sea hunting game. They don't have an organized society just yet. Once a tuskarr can control a family they can marry.


The tuskarr extremely care for their families. Their hierarchy is supports family first, the community is second. A typical family stays in close proximity with each other. Each family is assigned a leader.


The tuskarr law is basic and simple. No family may avoid gathering food and goods, build homes, patrolling and crafting clothes. Fishermen's catches are equally shared throughout the community.

Tuskarr do not discipline much when a bad act occurs, it is not meant for punishing criminals and maintain peace. On an important note, punishment is usually mild, often used with words and signals.


Tuskarr have a basic religion. Their rituals are quite simple, most rituals involve good catches when fishing. It is also known that a small pantheon exists consisting of deities and spirits. The named ones are Tayutka, Karkut, Issilruk and Oacha'noa.

A tuskarr often dies if he leaves his climate and stays for more than three days.


Though the tuskarr are mainly peaceful, during the Scourge invasion on Northrend, they were at risk. They were constantly fighting off the kvaldir and nerubians on the shores of their beloved communities. A typical attack plan is dropping a net to catch the enemy, while the other defeats it.

Tuskarr show little to no mercy when battling the ice trolls and nerubians. Most of the time they form raids to ward off the unwanted people invadign their ancestral lands. It should be noted, that when tuskarr fight off these creatures, they work in groups of six to eight.


Common architecture for a tuskarr is usually built of wood or stone. Tuskarr structure roofs are often made by thick, thatched coverings. Due to the harsh, cold winds, the buildings have one floor. Tuskarr windows are uniquely crafted since they are made to keep heat in and lets the cold come in.

In their homes, they use whale bones as support or pillars. This is because of the tuskarr's entrance in fishing. Rugs and flooring are made of various furs and sealskin. Tuskarr also tamper with different dyes so they can decorate their dwelling walls.

Other constructs are large stones built so that the tuskarr can listen and contact their religious figures.

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