Faction/Affiliation Themselves
Racial capital Twilight Realm
Racial leader(s) Zant
Racial mount None; self-flight
Homeworld Twilight Realm (Hyrule)
Primary language(s) Hylian (presumed)
Alignment Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral

Twili are a race of beings that live in the Twilight Realm of Hyrule. They were turned into monsters and are lead by an evil man named Zant.


Eons ago, the twili were a faction of dark sorcerers of an unknown race, known as Dark Interlopers. They were attached to the Twilight Realm by Hyrule's Golden Goddess as a punishment, while they were trying to use magic to take the Triforce for themselves. After failing to conquer the Sacred Realm, their Fused Shadow was broken into four pieces and spread across both Hyrule and the Twilight Realm. The tribe inhabited and began evolving in the Twilight Realm. Over a course of time, the twili began to accept their fate. While various inhabitants loved the place and peace, others went mad.

After centuries of rule, Midna became one of the many leaders in the long line of royalty, known as the Twilight Princess. Around this time period, a rebel group was formed by Zant, who believed he was he next ruler of the realm. Enraged, Zant used the false god named Ganondorf to transform most of the inhabitants into monsters. He also transformed Midna into an imp-like creature. The only hope, Princess Midna had was to search for her ancestors' magic, the Fused Shadows. She was going to use it against Zant to save the Twilight Realm and it's people. Once Link and Midna enter the Twilight Realm, it is revealed that some twili are evil and others will be reverted back to their true, original forms.

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