Classification Small Humanoid
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Homeworld Azeroth
Organization(s) Tribes
Alignment Neutral Evil (presumed)

Verming are a primitive race of humanoid bunnies living in Pandaria. They have a fetish for vegetables.


Virmen are described as annoying and have the possibility of becoming a major threat. Their bodies allow them to bound the lands of Pandaria with ease. Virmen reside and search for food in caves or burrows that are not visible. If a civlized race from Pandaria comes near virmen territory they a famine on legs.

Virmen are inveterate lurkers, awaiting the opportunity to grab carrion, garbage, or actual food whenever possible. They will steal or eat anything they see and then flee the area, they make it obvious they were there due to flipped tables and ransacked piles of rubbish. The menace of the virmen is only barely increased by their propensity to wield daggers they stole (or, failing that, sharpened pieces of bamboo) in both hands. Though most Virmen steer clear of direct conflict, they are not unwilling to attack others in pursuit of the sustenance that drives their every waking moment.

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