Classification Daedric
Faction/Affiliation Daedric Princes
Character classes Mage
Racial capital Planes of Oblivion
Racial leader(s) Mehrunes Dagon
Homeworld Planes of Oblivion
Alignment Chaotic Evil

Xivilai are a race of powerful Daedra who serve Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince of Oblivion.

Basic InformationEdit

Xivilai casts fire spells and summon clannfear to assist them in combat. It is best to kill the xivilai before his clannfear minion attacks the adventurer, using either marksman or melee attacks, as xivilai have a relatively strong spell absorption bonus. Xivilai carry strong sword and axes ranging from Daedric to Dwarven metals. They can sometimes be found in fellowships of two or three. For some reason if the adventurer is able to lure a xivilai underwater, it will not swim, but instead walk on the water's bed. The xivilai are the strongest members of the Daedra race, since they can wield two-handed weapons in one hand. Xivilai have a weakness to shock magic.

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