Classification Beastmen
Faction/Affiliation Independent
Character classes Acolyte, Assassin, High priest, Templar, Oracle, Priest, Sentinel, Zealot
Homeworld Vana'diel
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (presumed)

Yogudo are a race of bird-like beastmen from Vana'diel.

Basic InformationEdit

The yagudo are the conquerors of the Mindartia continent, described as self-proclaimed. They were abide and created the Theomiltiary system based on their ancient religious beliefs. They were enveloped by their fanatic devotion and living manifestation of their god. Yogudo parish is vastly spread across Mindartia. Numerous times have the yogudo been at odds with the federation of Windurst, currently though they are bounded by a treaty of peace. A large amount of yogudo study the martial arts of Vana'diel's east.

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