Blocter Artwork
These fish-like creatures are quite emotional, competitive and conscious of their physical advantage over other races.

Physical appearanceEdit

The head differs between individuals but it is always fish-like, often supported by a rather long neck. Most specimens posses a long dorsal fin, often colorful, going from their heads to the end of their shoulders. Another characteristic feature is a big tail ending with a fin.

The scales covering their bodies make them resistant to physical damage and leaves an impression of a warrior's armor. The color ranges, most often, from green to blue.

Warriors wear masks on their faces, but no one knows why or what do they want to hide.


They are gentle from nature and very confident in their strength. They will not fight weak opponents if they don't need to, but they don't often back down from challenge. Their favoured weapons are battle axes, hammers, and most of all harpoons. In battle they rather use physical weapons than magic or firearms, although they are capable of using them. However, they are not only set on fighting, as they tend to work as merchants.

Despite their weight, they are excellent swimmers, which makes them great navy soldiers. Being however, surface creatures they cannot live under water as they need oxygen to live, but still they can remain underwater for a long time. Their diet consists mostly of bugs and vegetables. They also like to have a drink.

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